Boodles To Launch ‘Pas de Deux; Inspired By The Royal Ballet’

The British fine jewellery house Boodles has announced an exciting collaboration with The Royal Ballet. Launching in June, the partnership will begin with the unveiling of ‘Pas de Deux’; an exquisite new collection that translates the very essence of dance into intricate diamond and platinum designs.

Boodles Head of Design Rebecca Hawkins has been fascinated by ballet from a young age and during her student years would often purchase tickets to see performances at the Royal Opera House. Through this collection, Rebecca has re-visited her passion and explored the physicalities of this exquisite art form. Using privileged access to rehearsals, the making departments such as costume and rarely seen archives as inspiration, she has created an expressive yet abstract collection of fine jewellery that moves away from the more traditional and stereotypical ballet associations, concentrating largely on the purity of dance itself.

At the centre of the collection’s inspiration is the ‘partnership of two’, or ‘Pas de Deux’, the famous dance duet; this is prevalent throughout the collection, beginning with the fundamental partnering of Boodles and The Royal Ballet. While designing, Rebecca would often use photographs of dancers in action, tracing shapes from the outlines of their intertwined bodies and translating these into angular platinum settings. Kite shaped diamonds are used to further emphasise this geometric form.

Pairs of Ashoka diamonds are also used to illustrate the balletic movement of two, as they balance, seemingly impossibly, on a single fine point, echoing the highly trained skill that goes into dance with fine and precise craftsmanship. Throughout the design process Rebecca worked closely with Associate Director of The Royal Ballet Jeanetta Laurence and commented “Speaking to Jeanetta helped me get a feel for ballet as a dance form, and helped me see everything that makes The Royal Ballet so special. We discussed what sets ballet apart, the feeling of being on stage, and what makes the perfect dance partnership”.

Boodles ‘Pas de Deux’ collection comprises over 30 individual pieces of fine jewellery from wearable studs, pendants and rings, to statement collars, cuffs and cocktail rings. “Through ‘Pas de Deux’ we wanted to create a collection of designs that complement each other perfectly, yet are strong enough individually that they can be worn alone” says Rebecca. The design led modernity of the collection ensures that a strong Boodles aesthetic is maintained, however the use of rare pink diamonds, cuts such as the ‘kite’ and occasional inclusion of materials including rock crystal, Morganite and Paraiba tourmalines create a further sense of uniqueness.

Boodles ‘Pas de Deux’ will launch with an accompanying exhibition of specially commissioned fine art photography taken from behind the scenes at the Royal Opera House.

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