Crafted 2012

Recognising that many luxury brands rely heavily on the work and experience of artists and craftmakers, Walpole developed the mentorship programme Crafted. Established in 2007 with the Prince’s Trust – and with support from Arts & Business and American Express – Crafted provides on-to-one mentorship and a series of educational workshops for up to 12 individuals and businesses each year.

Every individual selected for the programme has a fundamental belief in craftsmanship and an appreciation for objects beautifully made. The aim of Crafted is to foster a sense of entrepreneurialism in these craft businesses and provide them with opportunities to help grow beyond the traditional owner/maker scope of many businesses. For more information please visit

The craftmakers on the 2012 Crafted programme are:

The mentors of the 2012 Crafted participants are:
  • Bill Amberg, Bill Amberg is mentoring Jessica Poole
  • Shona Campbell, Mulberry is mentoring Charlene Mullen
  • Beverley Ryder is mentoring Sophie Coryndon
  • Annoushka Ducas, Annoushka Jewellery is mentoring Gaskell Quartz
  • Stephen Etheridge, Church's English Shoes is mentoring Rothschild & Bickers
  • Pamela Harper, Halcyon Days is mentoring Angela Cork
  • Alistair Hughes, Savoir Beds is mentoring Angus Ross
  • Edward Mason, Mason Campbell is mentoring Cumbria Crystal
  • Richard Miller, Halstock Cabinet Makers is mentoring Sasha Wardell
  • Chis Sharp, The Rug Company is mentoring Katie Walker Furniture
  • James Sugden, Johnstons of Elgin is mentoring Fair Isle Knitwear