Walpole Luxury Summit 2016: The Americas

Assembling business and creative leaders, Walpole’s annual Luxury Summit looks at opportunities across the Americas; returning to the largest but evolving US market as well as investigating the prospects across Latin America to understand the best opportunities for growth, the critical success factors to building your businesses and sharing examples of best practice to provide actionable insights. 

Walpole Luxury Summit: The Americas 
In association with Covington 
BAFTA, 195 Piccadily
, London 
30th 2016 

Through the agenda we will cover:

• An economic and business outlook for the region and luxury businesses 
The latest wealth & affluent trends research from Wealth X and YouGov Wealth Practice
A view on the US elections and the impact on business with Covington
Perspectives on the crucial growth opportunities for luxury businesses
The latest developments in retail covering market entry strategies, the key locations, the evolving department store model,  the rising influence of independents boutiques and a look at the holiday periods 
Hear from Stephen Webster, one of the few British jewellers to have developed a successful business across the US 
The latest technology innovation and how it will impact businesses and the customer experience with The Future Laboratory
The seamless customer experience covering the latest developments in technology, onmi-channel, ecommerce and mobile commerce 
The new battle for the customer and the evolving relationships between luxury brands and customers 
The prospects and how to succeed in the fast growing but challenging Brazil with two of the two leading experts in luxury – Carlos Ferreirinha “Brazil’s Mr Luxury” and Olga Garcia-Martinez who has run both Diageo Reserve Brands in the UK and Brazil 
A broader look at the luxury customers and markets in Latin America – covering market entry strategies and attracting affluent travelling customers across the region to your brands 
Insights into building successful marketing strategies, strategic partnerships and engaging target customers 
Investigating the critically important cultural aspects, understanding the different customer segments and levels of service expectations 
A look at how best to communicate aspects of Britishness and which aspects resonate with customers across the region 
Best practice in marketing and communications – covering the evolving ways to influence your customers
Join the discussions with the international speakers and panellists:
Consuelo Blocker, Luxury & Fashion Lifestyle blogger 
Avery Booker, Co-Founder & CEO, Enflux 
Winston Chesterfield, Research Director, Wealth X
Victoria Christian, Brand Ambassador, Clive Christian  
Anthony Collard, Head of Investments for UK Business Leaders, J.P. Morgan
Cara S. David, Managing Partner, YouGov Wealth Practice
Elizabeth Dibble, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy, London
Sarah Evans, Partner, J Public Relations
Carlos Ferreirinha, Founder & CEO, MCF Consulting
Philip Guarino, Co-Founder Partner, Emerging Market Luxury Advisors
Trevor Hardy, CEO The Future Laboratory 
John Hooks, CEO, Pacific Global Management
Olga Martinez Garcia, Partner, Amélie, Strategy Consultancy
Maria McClay, Industry Head of Fashion, Google
Marigay McKee, Founder, MM Luxe Consulting
Steven Murphy, Founder and Managing Partner, Murphy and Partners
Louise Nash, Partner, Covington
Meribeth Parker, Meribeth Parker Consulting
Allyson Stewart-Allen, CEO, International Marketing Partners Ltd
Bonnie Takhar, CEO, Charlotte Olympia
Anne-Marie Verdin, Brand Director, Mulberry
Michael Ward, Managing Director, Harrods
Stephen Webster, Founder & Creative Director, Stephen Webster
Kim Weld-Blundell, Director, Head of Retail Strategy, Scoop Retail 
Standard ticket price (exclusive of VAT)
Member £250.00*
Non-member £350.00
Further savings available for bookings of two or more tickets

Concessions (exclusive of VAT)
Current Brands of Tomorrow /Crafted mentees £150.00*
Walpole & London Business School Programme in Luxury Management student £150.00*

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BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London W1J-9LN United Kingdom
30/06/2016 00:00