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Research: 05/06/2012

A new insight report on the British luxury industry with McKinsey & Company.

Articles: 01/04/2013

Besides enlisting cultural commerce, luxury brands now find themselves in the business of stretching our intellect, says Lucia van der Post.

Articles: 29/05/2013

Robb Young on how ultra-luxury goods and mind-blowing experiences reveal lucrative opportunities at the apex of the market.

Research: 15/03/2016

Now in its fifth year, the UK Luxury Benchmark Study, produced in conjunction with Wealth-X and Walpole, has become an established report on the UK luxury market.

Articles: 01/03/2013

In this post-Olympic year, Guy Salter asks: Is national pride essential to our competiveness or a luxury we can’t afford?

Articles: 02/02/2013

Europe’s luxury sector is finally getting the recognition it deserves, as Ben Hughes, the Chairman of Walpole British Luxury, tells Simon Brooke.

Research: 01/09/2015

Read the new research report commissioned by Walpole:"The economic and financial contribution of high-end creative and cultural industries to the UK economy”

Articles: 09/12/2014

Read Walpole's latest Europe-wide research report into the luxury industry, developed in association with Frontier Economics.

Articles: 01/06/2013

Sophie Doran demystifies the next generation of social platforms, now that luxury has finally grasped the art of ‘liking’ and ‘hashtagging’.