Media Engagement

Walpole delivers a strategic communications and media programme to promote British luxury and the Walpole membership, as well as amplify key government messages. It also provides opportunities for the membership to participate in annual media events including press days, press conferences, media briefings, roundtables, ‘Meet the Media’ events, and the Walpole British Luxury Awards.

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Press Showcases

Walpole’s press showcases are a long-standing annual event for member brands that do not fund their own independent press days or would like to further their relationships with top luxury writers. Journalists are given access to immersive experiences, tastings and demonstrations that communicate the intrinsic values of luxury goods and services, as well as the opportunity to meet the leaders and skilled artisans behind the brands.

The showcases are located in renowned settings – including Spencer House, The Royal Institution and Somerset House – with the highest-quality curation to display participating brands to their best advantage. These events are tailored for both consumer and business media, with the unveiling of an insights report on a key issue or trend in the luxury industry in partnership with organisations such as WGSN. Going forward, Walpole will be looking at new UK and international territories to hold these showcases.


Media Relations

Walpole’s ‘Meet the Media’ events enable members and key journalists, from both business and consumer titles, to come together and share knowledge in a mutually beneficial forum. The sessions, which take a roundtable format, provide insights on current trends, product innovation and launches, and are a valuable source of up-to-date information for brands and media alike. Members are also invited to host Meet The Media events, giving them the opportunity to showcase their unique spaces and showrooms.

Walpole also facilitates opportunities for members’ PR executives to meet at regular Breakfast Salons to discuss best practice, share insights and develop conversations which drive the profile of brands and the wider industry forward.

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Media Engagement
Media Engagement
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