Meet the Maker | Miriam Hanid

Each week we ‘meet a maker’ from within the Walpole membership, shining a light on the highly skilled craftspeople creating British luxury products and experiences. Today, introducing Miriam Hanid, artist and silversmith, and one of the exceptionally talented mentees on this year’s Crafted programme.


I design and make sculptural silverware. Many of my pieces are inspired by water, movement and the natural world. Using my signature techniques of chasing and engraving I create organic and tactile shapes ranging from complex and detailed vessels to bold centrepieces and tableware.

Some pieces are purely decorative while others also have a practical purpose. Many are commissions and the result of a close dialogue with a client. I also work speculatively following my own ideas, exploring new territory and seeking out innovative concepts and processes.


I love silver, the challenges the material presents and the unexpected results that sometimes spring forth from techniques like chasing and engraving. Silver responds to heat, pressure and textural approaches in a number of ways. This malleability and the visual aspects of the medium, such as the interplay of light and shade, remind me of water.

I like to go with the flow, closing the door of my studio to everything mundane so I can get into a meditative state of awareness and leave the creative process to unfold steadily and slowly. This aura of calm suits both my temperament and the techniques that I use. Exploring designs through drawing and painting is also embedded in my process. This ebb and flow of creativity blended with the authenticity, originality and the broad spectrum of ‘the handmade’ is at the very soul of everything that emanates from my studio.

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