Member of the Week | Boodles

Walpole’s Member of the Week focuses on the member brands that make up the Luxury Index of our 2018 Walpole Yearbook, telling the stories behind some of Britain’s best luxury brands. This week we spotlight one of Walpole’s jewellery members, Boodles.

Boodles is that rarest of creatures: a brand with centuries of brilliant craft heritage, while at the same time always fresh as spring blossom. Quintessentially British, it is the only remaining family-owned jeweller on London’s Bond Street. Timeless, and yet utterly modern.The secret of Boodles is simple. As a sixth-generation family enterprise, they care passionately about all that they do. And despite receiving many outside offers to buy up the business, they remain resolutely committed to doing things independently, in their inimitable way.Boodles’customers reward this commitment,with many travelling to London from far-flung reaches specifically to see new collections.It’s easy to understand the excitement. Take the case of ‘The Million Pound Necklace’. The subject of its own television documentary, it was watched by over two million viewers worldwide. And one lucky lady now wears it. But part of the charm of Boodles comes from their warmth and accessibility. Despite a reputation for breathtaking high jewellery—exemplified for 2018 by the incredible ‘Boodles Orange’, a 3.03 carat fancy vivid yellow-orange diamond —they are proud to offer pieces for everyone. It is still possible to acquire a Boodles diamond engagement ring for under £5,000 —meaning dreams do have a chance to come true.

Founded in 1798, Boodles is known for the quality of its precious gemstones and the skill of its creations. Thanks to an inspirational team of in-house designers, the company’s visionary philosophy continues to champion exemplary British craftsmanship. Brothers Nicholas and Michael Wainwright now lead the company from the head office in Liverpool and flagship showroom in Bond Street. They are ably assisted by the next generation: Nicholas’s son Jody is Director of Precious Gemstones, while Jody’s cousin, James Amos, is in charge of the brand’s public image.

The beauty, creativity and attention-to-detail for which Boodles is renowned have made it a red carpet favourite. Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Dame Helen Mirren and Sophie Dahl are among Boodles’ most loyal friends. Each finds something unique to admire, for every Boodles creation is different. Yet Boodles’ admirers tend to share a love of flowing lines, harmony, and inspiration drawn from the natural world.Boodles’ signature style is so iconic, in fact,that their Rain dance ring was chosen by the Victoria & Albert museum in London to represent the very best of British jewellery.

The team at Boodles go out of their way to exceed expectation. Customers often become friends, and Boodles is known for bending over backwards to meet their precise jewellery needs. Stories abound of Boodles’ gems being driven through the night to reach all-important celebrations—and of Boodles’ employees hopping onto jet planes to help customers ‘pop the question’ in style.There’s an effortless sense of grace, discretion and fun about Boodles. Fans of Boodles say you simply won’t find it elsewhere. Perhaps that’s because Boodles recognise—and express in their byword —that behind each stone there’s “always a story”.

+44 207 437 5050
178 New Bond Street, London W1S 4RH