Brand Snapshot | Boodles’ The Raindance Watch

Each week we bring you the most up-to-date news, trends, campaigns, and launches from Walpole’s members. Today, British fine jewellery brand Boodles and their exquisite new Raindance Watch.

Boodles is excited to unveil the spectacular new ‘Raindance Watch’; a diamond-encrusted ladies timepiece featuring an ornate dial in a choice of shimmering blue aventurine or luminous mother-of-pearl, forming part of Boodles most iconic jewellery collection, Raindance.

During the creative process, Boodles Head of Design, Rebecca Hawkins, revisited the original sketches and drawings that inspired the famous ‘Raindance’ collection, created in 2000. Rebecca took her inspiration from gleaming raindrops gliding down a marble sculpture at the Chelsea Flower Show and these are reflected in the Raindance collection through shimmering cascades of diamonds that evoke the memory of sprinkled raindrops glistening in the sun. The collection’s designs bask in the patterns of nature through meticulously ordered and yet seemingly random arrangements of round brilliant cut diamonds. The Raindance Watch remains true to the original aesthetic of the collection by featuring round shapes and develops this concept by layering positive and negative spaces to reveal further diamond droplets behind.

The different watch models mirror the two different sides of water in nature: the spectacular and the elegant. Diamond raindrops glide down the storm-blue dial of the aventurine watch evoking dramatic midnight rainfall, whereas, the shimmering eggshell hue of the Mother-ofPearl watch is reminiscent of the marble which originally inspired Raindance, with a sprinkling of diamonds representing sunlit raindrops trickling down its surface in graceful fluidity. Rebecca Hawkins explains: “The fine bezel settings maintain the pure shape of a round brilliant cut diamond: this style is present throughout ancient and contemporary design, adding to the timeless qualities already imbued by the theme of water.” Rebecca goes on to say: “I am drawn to water as an infinite source of inspiration due to its unstructured and ever changing nature. The aesthetic of Raindance is characterised by the linear and directional nature of rainfall; yet it seeks to replicate the random pattern of raindrops.” Raindance was the first of many Boodles collections to take water as its theme.

The Raindance Watch is hand crafted by master watchmakers in Bienne, Switzerland and incorporates a fusion of the finest Swiss craftsmanship, Boodles exemplary British design and materials of the highest standards. The Raindance Watch represents Boodles second foray into fine jewellery watchmaking, following the success of The Boodles ‘Blossom Watch’ in recent years.

The Raindance Watch will be available in Boodles showrooms and online from September.

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