The Medium is the Message: Cinematic Storytelling with Digital Cinema Media & Belmond

“Storytelling is the heart of luxury; it is what casts its enchantment over us, conjuring up emotions that pull us towards beautiful objects and make experiences unforgettable”, wrote Walpole’s CEO Helen Brocklebank this time last year. And on Wednesday 27th June, Walpole members experienced the full impact of this sentiment as they joined us at Picturehouse Central on Shaftesbury Avenue for our first event with DCM, the market leader in cinema advertising, for an inspiring morning on the power of cinematic storytelling.

During the event, we heard from the people who are creating and curating extraordinary stories in this space, including DCM’s CEO Karen Stacey, and Amelia Wrighton, Client Lead at DCM, who discussed how the immersive, big-screen cinema experience creates intimate connections with receptive audiences – which can be hugely valuable for luxury brands.

Kevin Chesters, Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy, presented the morning’s keynote on the five rules of storytelling, which included enlightening statistics, such as ‘we are 22 times more likely to remember something as a story more than facts alone‘ (more on which can be read here).

Kevin then joined the panel discussion that followed, moderated by Helen Brocklebank, with Fiona Rushton, Communications Director at Hermes; Arnaud Champenois, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at Belmond; and DCM’s Jeremy Kolesar, Creative Business Director, who discussed how film and luxury brands weave powerful emotional connections, and how brands can adapt their marketing messaging and storytelling to create real impact on the big screen – as well as sharing their cinematic films.

DCM’s Head of Film, Tom Linay, closed the morning by highlighting some of the best upcoming film content we can look forward to in 2018-19.

Following the event, we spoke with Belmond’s Arnaud Champenois who shared more details on ‘The Wonderful World of Belmond’. This stylish new global advertising campaign – which includes several short films – celebrates the ‘Art of Savoir-Vivre’ and brings to life the heart and soul of Belmond and its global travel experiences: a world full of extraordinary characters and inspiring locations, from Rio to Venice.

What is the inspiration behind the campaign?

“The spirit of the campaign is to celebrate these magical Belmond hotels, trains and cruises with a bit of nostalgia. Our heritage is reminiscent of a golden age of travel but at the same time there is an ‘art de savoir vivre‘ that fizzes through everything. Somehow, I see nostalgia being the new avant-gardism.

“We also wanted to portrait some exceptional and genuine characters who have worked with us for generations and they all have a tale to tell. The Art of Belmond campaign both celebrates and unites our beautiful hotels and characters with a new look that marks the beginning of our new heritage.”

“There is also a bit of joyful fantasy in what we have created; I think the world desperately needs fantasy right now.”

What is your favourite film?

Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard, a breakthrough which launched the ‘Nouvelle Vague’ (new wave of cinema)

Best luxury for under a tenner?

A glass of champagne, of course. Anywhere, anytime!

The Wonderful World of Belmond short film can be viewed below:


Thank you to Digital Cinema Media for hosting this event, and to all the panelists. For more information on Walpole’s event programme, please click here.