Walpole Business Support Webinar 5 | Luxury’s Digital Pivot? **Recording Available**

13th May

Since the crisis began, every luxury brand has relied more than ever before on their digital operation – whether content or e-commerce, digital has become the only conduit for maintaining a relationship with the luxury customer.

Will the outcome of the crisis be a turbo-charged acceleration of digital for luxury?  How quickly can luxury achieve a milestone of 25% of sales online? And will the emphasis on e-commerce change everything for an industry that’s traditionally been driven by high-touch, in-person experience? Join Walpole and experts from Bain and Farfetch to find out.

Speakers: Federica Levantor, Partner, Bain & Company and Alex Currie, Head of Strategy & Project Management, Farfetch
Moderator: Charlotte Keesing, Walpole

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This recording is also available to non-members for a small fee, of which we will donate 20% to the NSPCC. Please click here to access the recording.