WOVEN MASTERCLASS: Chapter 2 - Character Building

WOVEN MASTERCLASS: Chapter 2 - Character Building

A great brand needs a great story. Here’s how to tell yours.
2nd Jun 2021
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A great brand needs a great story. Here’s how to tell yours.

There are twelve brand archetypes — but which one are you? And how can you use it to tap into the power of storytelling, entrance your audience, and turn strangers into long-term brand advocates?

We’ve broken it down for you, chapter by chapter.

Chapter 2: Character Building

What makes an unforgettable story? What do Romeo & Juliet, Emma, David Copperfield, The Odyssey, Frankenstein - even Harry Potter - have in common? The secret of their enduring power depends on the archetypes they feature - characters built on a set of specific, identifiable traits - heroes or villains, explorers and innocents, lovers and creators. These kinds of character types are recognisable and relatable - they speak to us as individuals - they hold a mirror up to universal truths about human behaviour and build an emotional connection that can last a lifetime.

In this masterclass, hosted on Zoom, best-selling author and academic, Sarah Churchwell, talks about the four classic novels that taught her the art of storytelling and shares with us her thoughts on how the archetypes they contain have built characters that stay with you long after the final page has been turned.

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Walpole Speaker Helen Brocklebank

Helen Brocklebank



Walpole Speaker Helen Darlington

Helen Darlington

Founder & Director

Woven Agency

Walpole Speaker Mark Bower

Mark Bower

Executive Creative Director


Walpole Speaker Sarah Churchwell

Sarah Churchwell

Author and Professor

University of London