Backes & Strauss

As the world’s oldest diamond company (established in 1789), Backes & Strauss has constantly looked forward, pioneering new diamond-cutting techniques and enthralling connoisseurs with its compelling designs.

Today, Backes & Strauss is part of the Franck Muller Group, bringing together the masters of the art and science of their respective crafts. While Backes & Strauss is occupied with light and Franck Muller is concerned with time, both share a devotion to mathematical precision. The result of this meeting of masters is a collection of timepieces so intricate, they are veritable masterpieces both inside and out.

Drawing on the brand’s London heritage, Backes & Strauss is defined by its five core collections: Berkeley, Piccadilly, Regent, Renaissance and Victoria. Crafted in 18-karat white or rose gold and elegantly set with diamonds, these watches are inspired by Regency-era England and its neo-classical architecture, most notably the work of British architect John Nash. Attesting to the company’s uncompromisingly high standards, every round, brilliant diamond used at Backes & Strauss is an ‘Ideal Cut’ diamond, designed to emanate optimum fire and brilliance.

Over the centuries, Backes & Strauss has established a platform and benchmark in its bespoke capabilities and is constantly seeking to challenge its master craftsmen to push the boundaries further. The Backes & Strauss Bespoke Service harks back to an era when almost all jewellery was custom-made, offering discerning clients the opportunity to encapsulate their aspirations and dreams in the form of a unique personal masterpiece of immaculate quality.

With over 200 years of experience, Backes & Strauss are the quintessential ‘Masters of Diamonds’.