Boster Group

Led by Susan Boster, Boster Group is an independent marketing consultancy that creates innovative brand partnerships for global corporations, luxury brand and cultural institutions to achieve business and social impact goals and clients include Moet Hennessy, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Diageo, and EY, amongst others.

Boster Group prides itself on being unparalleled in the partnerships sector for detailed expertise and deep relationships within the arts and culture space and has a wide range of case studies from a variety of clients to demonstrate the success of the work and its return on investment.

When it comes to working with luxury brands, Boster Group’s artistic and cultural partnerships and highly targeted and authentic experiential programmes are designed to bring commercial return through building brand awareness and equity, educating consumers on the brand’s heritage and narrative and creating loyal brand advocates.

As MD, Susan Boster, says “Each partnership and programme we develop is carefully crafted to match our client’s needs and business objectives, following an extensive due diligence and research period we undertake before commencing any project.”

How does Boster Group work with Walpole?

Boster Group worked with Walpole to create content for the Frieze Art Fair in London’s Regents Park. Here Susan Boster led and chaired a thought leadership discussion on the various ways in which luxury brands collaborate and partner within the arts and culture sector. The discussion took place within the Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management VIP lounge at the fair, where Deutsche Bank has been the global lead partner since the fair was founded in 2003.

Panellists included Lynn Serfarty, Managing Director of Montblanc in the UK; Award-winning ceramic artist, Hitomi Hosono, whose work is exhibited internationally as well as at the V&A and the British Museum and who was Artist in Residence at Wedgwood; Walpole member, Alex Field, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Reignwood, whose owner is a substantial supporter of art and of cultural institutions; and Rolls-Royce Motorcar’s Jessica Persson Conway who leads Rolls-Royce’s Arts programme, which commissions established and emerging artists to produce new work, true to the vision of Rolls-Royce’s founders.

More recently, Boster Group hosted a round table on Culture: The Currency of Soft Power with Walpole in Venice during the 2019 BiennaleFor a more detailed analysis of the Boster Group Soft Power roundtable discussion, please click here.