Catherine Best

Catherine Best has been designing exquisite jewellery for over 30 years.

Her passionate love of colour and shape has led her to using some of the world’s very best, and often, rarest gemstones. ‘Catherine Best’ is much more than the name for a company; it is a two generation family business that takes pride in exceptional craftsmanship and undeniably distinctive jewellery.

Since a young age, Catherine Best has spent years honing her skills as a master craftswomen. Blending the exquisite art of goldsmithing with the rarest of stones to create truly individual designs that are inspired by her Channel Islands home and heritage. Catherine’s uniquely elegant designs are admired around the world and her studio walls are decorated with endless awards from her devotion and passion towards the industry.

In 1987 Catherine was awarded the BTEC National Goldsmith Craft Award and became the only jeweller in history to achieve this. She was later honoured as a freeman of the city of London, as well as a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, a prestigious accolade reserved only for those who practice their craft to the highest standards.

To this day, Catherine advocates timeless and traditional methods while pushing the boundaries of jewellery design. She works closely with her daughter Vikki, hand drawing the unique designs which are handmade by master jewellers at the beautiful showrooms in Jersey, Guernsey and Mayfair.