Euronews is unapologetically impartial and seeks to offer a diversity of viewpoints. Their promise to their viewers and guests alike is: “All Views, All Voices, All Welcome”.

As a media with a strong European and multicultural DNA, Euronews is a widely recognised and trusted brand, reaching almost 400 million homes across 160 countries. It reaches more viewers in continental Europe than any of its rivals.

Since its launch in 1993 in Lyon, France, Euronews has developed the world's first “glocal” news brand, i.e. the first global media that adapts itself to the expectation of its multiple local audiences.

In 2017, Euronews replaced its model that had been at the core of its offer since its inception by the launch of 12 distinct cross-platform editions. The different editions enable Euronews to deliver tailored content that is relevant to each audience.

With a team of 600 journalists of more than 30 different nationalities, Euronews’ 12 editions cover world news 24/7 in Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

In June 2017, NBC News and Euronews announced their partnership. NBC News acquired 25% of the company to make a significant financial investment in Euronews to support expanded news coverage and programming.

The coming together of the two big brands has enabled Euronews to access NBC’s newsgathering, digital content and programming expertise. Likewise, Euronews provides news content and resources from Europe for use on NBC News and MSNBC programmes and platforms.

With new anchored shows on several of its editions, including 17 hours a day of live anchored shows on its English language edition, its social media newsroom The Cube, correspondents across Europe using its signature mobile journalism technology, Euronews has strengthened its commitment to delivering a European perspective on global affairs.