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Exmoor Caviar

With a focus on supplying an exceptional range of caviar, Exmoor Caviar are the leading caviar supplier into the UK market. Founded in 2012, Exmoor Caviar were the first producers of sturgeon caviar in the UK. Since then, Exmoor Caviar has set up key relationships with a carefully curated selection of partner farms across the world, listing an impressive, imported caviar portfolio enabling them to offer a wide range of caviars to suit all requirements. Exmoor Caviar now supplies into over 250 restaurants, including more than 100 Michelin Stars. Exmoor Caviar is the official caviar partner of The Michelin Guide for GB&I and supplies caviar to Royal Households, 10 Downing St and many of the most prestigious sporting and social events on the calendar. 

Before launching, Ken Benning, CEO of Exmoor Caviar sought permission from HM The Queen to be able to farm sturgeon in the UK. He received a letter from Buckingham Palace stating that The Queen would not extend her Royal Prerogative relating to the ownership of all sturgeon in the realm and confirmed that the sturgeon on the farm would indeed remain their property.

Sustainability is a key pillar to the success of the Exmoor Caviar brand and as such they ensure minimal wastage in production. The sturgeon meat is sold fresh and offered as both hot and cold smoked sturgeon. A further very exciting new product that Exmoor Caviar has developed with their sister company Caviar Biotec is a globally patented Pure Caviar Oil made using a by-product from the main caviar production. This is an edible oil that pairs beautifully with light fish dishes and salads, lacing them with a rich buttery caviar taste. Pure Caviar Oil is used as the flavouring in Exmoor Caviars newly developed Luxury Caviar Crisps. It also has uses as a nutraceutical and the base of caviar cosmetics.

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