On 27th April 1989 Hildon Natural Mineral Water was launched, offering the purest Natural Mineral Water – untouched by chemicals and completely consistent in taste to the world for the first time.

The neutral composition of Hildon, extracted from their aquifer, made it perfect for enhancing the enjoyment of fine foods and wine.

Of course, fine dining is about more than just taste, the whole experience should be rewarding. With this in mind, Hildon designed a 750 ml bottle, modelled on the classic Bordeaux wine shape and crafted in glass for an elegant look and feel that would truly belong on dining tables alongside the fine wine and food it is served with.

Today Hildon can be enjoyed out and about at many places, including the Tate Galleries, the Royal Opera House, and The Waterside Inn, or can even be bought from retailers for enjoyment at home.