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IPL Packaging

At IPL Packaging we know our customers are reimagining the future. If we can reimagine packaging with them, then tomorrow looks ever more inspiring. For over 20 years, we have cared for some of the world’s leading brands, continuously researching and improving our capabilities to ensure we create and produce exceptional packaging, always with tomorrow in mind. With a permanent presence on 4 continents, we’re a global, multicultural team with a distinctly local presence. Our innovative IPL Design division combines dynamic creative capabilities with practical knowledge and latest technologies. They develop customised, innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions built to enhance brands. Our Project Management, New Product Development and Quality Control teams ensure reliable, on time delivery to agreed quality standards, whilst our IPL client service teams offer a personalised, unmatched customer service experience that enables clients to fully trust in our abilities and makes us hyper-responsive to their needs. Together, these teams embrace a culture of excellence that permeates all functions, sees us embracing new ideas and technologies, dedicating time and energy to researching what really matters to brands, and always pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve technologically. Displaying an in-depth knowledge of multiple industries, from on-shelf and delivery logistics to brand integrity and product protection, our teams combine true expertise with a creative approach and commitment to ‘exceptional in every process.’ Our basket of practical packaging solutions reflects our deep understanding of the pressure and constraints in which different luxury sectors operate. These solutions align to each brands’ unique needs and, if required, enable them to improve their sustainability goals through, process, product and logistics.

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