Inspired by a mission to enable the world to enjoy tea at its best, JING delivers the most exceptional tea experiences to fine dining establishments, 5* hotels and tea connoisseurs around the world.

Established in 2004, JING is one of the leading suppliers of the highest quality tea and teaware within the fine food and beverage industry. The Heston Blumenthal group was one of their earliest adopters and, today, the JING chef network celebrates over 90 Michelin stars between them.

Whilst taking inspiration from Asia’s ancient tea culture, JING are focussed on delivering exceptional experiences for today’s tea connoisseurs. Everything they do is designed to celebrate the wonderful and unique tastes in tea and they sit at the forefront of innovation within the speciality tea industry: from pioneering tea and food pairing menus that engage and celebrate teas with as equal interest and relevance to food as fine wines, to the introduction of sparkling teas to events. The new Fruit & Floral herbal infusions range is one of the first in the UK to make use of a new revolutionary low-impact process that instantly dries fruit ingredients within a vacuum to maintain and deliver supreme taste clarity.

JING teas, sourced directly in Asia’s tea gardens, are the finest quality expressions of authentic provenance, outstanding skill, and exceptional taste. They celebrate teas that reflect the local terroir and production methods refined by masters over millennia. JING do not blend from multiple origins, working extensively to find the very best taste of a place – each origin providing something markedly different and delicious. Picked and expertly processed, then sealed at source for unrivalled freshness, JING guarantee only the freshest teas.

‘It is our mission to revolutionise tea culture away from bland, commoditised tea towards exceptional, characterful teas that carry the unique signature of their origin and tea maker. We believe that teas of this quality and integrity provide both the richest experience for tea drinkers and the greatest returns and future for tea producers and their communities.’ Ed Eisler, JING Founder