Riverbank House,
400, 1 Putney Bridge Approach,
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The Last Drop Distillers

Eight years ago, rather than retiring, they decided to turn their attention to something a little different and created one last unique brand: The Last Drop Distillers Limited.  Their goal was simple, but by no means easy: to find, and bottle, for the delectation of friends and connoisseurs alike, the world’s finest, rarest and most exclusive spirits.. It’s not surprising that we rarely succeed in our quest; not all spirits age well and too long in wood can ruin a fine spirit. But occasionally all the elements – original distillate, type of wood, the climate for storage – combine to produce an unlikely miracle.
The Last Drop Distillers Limited offer only such articles we think are unique, extremely limited in quantity, and, of course, exceptionally delicious. In short, the kind of experience, on the eye, the nose and the palate, that only comes to most people once in a lifetime.  

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