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McKinsey & Company

Their clients include the majority of the world's 100 largest industrial corporations, as well as fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), many leading banks and insurance companies, government ministries, public authorities and other public and private institutions. Their 90 locations in 50 countries are linked by industry and functional practices that concentrate their knowledge and expertise on the topics of interest to their clients, wherever they do business. The company's work reflects the wide variety of management problems facing client organisations; they concentrate on issues that affect the performance of the client's entire firm while strategy and organisation studies, as well as the expansion and creation of new businesses, account for nearly half of their work. Other key fields include marketing and sales, production and logistics, corporate finance and information technology. McKinsey serves a broad spectrum of retailers and consumer-product manufacturers on strategic, organisational and operational topics. Many food, beverage, personal care, paper products, durable goods and household products companies rely on our expertise. They also work with apparel and luxury retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers globally. Their Apparel, Fashion & Luxury Initiative focuses on luxury, fast fashion and multichannel and is helping clients in all geographies and functional areas.