Mulberry is true British luxury, marrying the traditions of English craftsmanship with effortless elegance and the witty nonchalance of 'Le Style Anglais’. Inspired by the natural beauty of the English countryside and the fashionable fun of London, every Mulberry bag is made from exquisite leathers that will last a lifetime.

Roger Saul established the business in Somerset in 1971 using £500 he received on his birthday. He named the brand after the Mulberry tree that he walked past each day in the grounds of his school. Having spent the initial £500 on belt buckles, the first Mulberry collection was brought together in the playroom of his family home and with his family’s help. It consisted of plaited belts and chokers – desirable accessories regarded as the handbags of their time. He started taking his collections to London, selling through the legendary Biba boutique. But it was with the 1975 ‘Hunting, Shooting, Fishing’ collection and Mulberry’s modern, relaxed interpretation of ‘Le Style Anglais’ that the world’s love affair with Mulberry began.

Mulberry is dedicated to preserving and investing in UK manufacturing. Flagship factory The Rookery opened in Somerset 1989 and remains the beating heart of the brand. Mulberry is the only luxury brand of its size that continues to invest in and expand its British production base. Since the beginning, the majority of the craftsmen and women working at The Rookery have come from the surrounding areas, each of them an expert in their field.Mulberry’s second factory in Somerset opened in 2013, beginning a new chapter in a manufacturing success story that is global in reputation and local in impact. Mulberry also established a renowned training and apprenticeship programme, ensuring the next generation is in a position to continue the Mulberry craft legacy.

Mulberry has an abiding passion about the standard of leather that makes it to the workbench; only the highest quality natural leathers chosen from the finest tanneries are used. Every part of the leather is cherished; the designers and craftspeople have an intrinsic understanding of the nature of leather and how to bring out each skin’s unique beauty. Naturally supple, these leathers age gracefully over time, developing a personality that makes each Mulberry bag unique to its owner. Mulberry’s designers take these stunning leathers and marry them with iconic details: the postman’s lock being perhaps the best known, inspired by the catch on a postman’s satchel. Braided leather, fobs and belt buckles have been staples of Mulberry collections since the 1970s. From its earliest days Mulberry has represented a very English sensibility, making practical, wearable designs that are intrinsically and intentionally beautiful and loaded with the brand’s signature English wit.

Today, craftsmanship, creativity and continued reinventions of ‘Le Style Anglais’ are the things for which Mulberry is celebrated all over the world. Mulberry bags are known by their shape, their iconic signatures and their name: Roxanne, Bayswater, Alexa, Lily and Willow – each resonates with a sense of character and style that is wonderfully English. Decades after the original collections first appeared, Mulberry shows are among the most anticipated on the London Fashion Week calendar, famed for their all-encompassing themes, beautiful invitations, gorgeous collections and star-studded front rows.