Peter Reed

Peter Reed finest luxury linens since 1861. For generations our bedding, hand crafted in Lancashire from the highest grade cottons, has symbolised authentic British luxury for the home.

Peter Reed sets standards others can only hope to reach. Each collection is handcrafted in England to a quality that remains beyond compare. The finest linens finished with love and care passed down through generations of artisans. For over 150 years, only Peter Reed.

Luxury can never be compromised. Peter Reed bedding is testimony to precise craftsmanship of highly skilled, dedicated artisans who take enormous pride in fulfilling your expectations. Each individual’s eye for detail is formidable as they measure, cut, sew, edge and iron to a standard that simply cannot be achieved by machinery alone. It is comforting to know that the art of workmanship – that single-minded commitment to excellence established by our founders in 1861 – is still thriving in a small village in Lancashire.