Rebus was founded by Emmet Smith in 2005 at the age of 30, after passing through the ranks and then buying renowned engraving company RH Wilkins.

Rebus sprang to life as a specialist offshoot, which is focused on creating unique, hand-crafted signet rings for customers who want to express their individuality and have an appreciation of traditional craftsmanship.

At the centre of the Hatton Garden based brand is the hand-crafted workshop process, which is integral to how Rebus signet rings are created. Using traditional making and hand engraving techniques, a team of skilled craftsmen create a bespoke piece, truly personal to its owner. Emmet is respectful of the time that industry greats invested in him and is keen to also make his contribution by nurturing the next generation of engravers – Rebus has a dynamic apprenticeship programme which indentures them through the Goldsmiths Hall, making sure they receive multi-faceted training in all aspects of the industry.

The brand believes that signet rings are a lasting and stylish accompaniment for every wearer’s identity and Rebus transcends the usual parameters of just being a jewellery brand because what lies behind it creates a unique sense of self, it’s highly personal.