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Monday 23rd May
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Silent Pool Distillers
Shere Rd, Albury
Guildford, Surrey

Silent Pool Distillers

Whilst all of our products taste distinctively different from one another, each are united by a shared purpose and vision. Rather than being reliant on one unique ingredient to shine through, all our recipes work like a symphony of flavours. Each and every ingredient serves a purpose and complements the last without dominating the palate.

The balancing of these complex flavours always involves a long and arduous process. Our distillers have experimented with hundreds of different flavour combinations over the years before landing on the perfect recipe. Taste our products side by side and you’ll find they share the same DNA; handcrafted, multi-layered and bursting with complex flavours that evolve as you experience them. There are many ways of making gin, most of them simpler than the unique four stage process we employ, but we passionately believe it’s well worth the extra effort.