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South Pole

The organisations in the UK and Ireland that pursue ambitious climate action will become the leaders in changing the way we do business. 

Since 2006, South Pole has been helping organisations join the ranks of climate leaders by developing ambitious climate strategies. South Pole's five-step climate journey helps your organisation measure its carbon footprint, complete rigorous target-setting, form an emission reduction strategy, compensate for its footprint and engage stakeholders. 

Whether you're looking to achieve net zero emissions, validate your climate targets using frameworks like SBTi, source renewable energy or go carbon neutral, we are here to help. As a leading carbon project developer, with access to more than 700 climate action projects, you can protect the world's most precious ecosystems, transform agriculture, support indigenous peoples, improve the health of women and children, create new jobs and bring renewable energy to more people than ever before. If you are just getting started on your climate journey, or you are a global leader looking to gain a competitive advantage, South Pole has a full suite of climate solutions available.