Tessa Packard London

Tessa Packard London is the eponymous fine jewellery label by London-based founder and creative director Tessa Packard.

Inspired by far-flung lands, Victorian curiosity cabinets and playful juxtaposition, Tessa Packard London is a brand that has narrative integrity and statement design at its heart. Since its launch in 2013, the label has fast become internationally recognised for creating eclectic bi-annual collections that celebrate both individuality and storytelling using materials old and new.

Alongside its bi-annual collections, Tessa Packard London also specialises in the production of bespoke jewellery and unique objet d’art, whether that be on behalf of private individuals or larger corporate clients. Whether it’s kangaroo cufflinks or a bee-themed photo frame, every project is tackled with the same, critically-acclaimed, design-led eye to bring to life a timeless sculpture-in-miniature.

Tessa is a totally self-taught jewellery designer. Born in Brazil and brought up and raised in Britain, Tessa studied Fine Art and History of Art at school and university before launching herself into the London commercial art world. After four years in a gallery environment Tessa decided to fulfil a childhood pipe-dream and turned her attention to the world of jewellery. As strong believer in British industry, Tessa made the decision to have all her jewellery manufactured and hand-finished by workshops in the UK and still continues to do so.