The Royal Mint

With a history spanning more than 1,100 years, The Royal Mint is a British maker of thoughtfully designs products and services as well as being the world’s leading export mint.   They make original coin collections and gifts to celebrate special moments, and offer eye opening experiences, investment opportunities and currency solutions.

Synonymous with the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint is known all around the world for their prestigious designs, with a reputation built on centuries of high standards and fine craftsmanship. As a business proud of its heritage, they still realise the importance of innovating and diversifying in order to remain relevant.   The recent re-brand has helped to develop a brand identity that stays true to the history of the organisation whilst embodying their ambitious plans for the future.  ‘The Original Maker’ celebrates the Mint’s unrivalled history whilst supporting their increasingly diverse portfolio ; this reinforces The Royal Mint’s continued efforts to push the boundaries of what a mint can be.

The circulating coin business is just one of the many propositions that the business has to offer.  From Commemorative coins and gold investments through to beautifully designed gifting products and an on-site visitor attraction, The Royal Mint plans to remain relevant for many more generations to come.

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