Studio 10, Botleys Farm
Wick Ln, Downton
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Vivien Sheriff

Vivien Sheriff possesses a fervent commitment to reshaping the global landscape of luxury hair accessories and headwear, viewing them not merely as embellishments but as essential elements in the art of refined dressing. 

Since unveiling Vivien Sheriff’s eponymous debut collection in 2009, the brand has been instrumental in revitalising the art of bespoke and acutely luxurious millinery design. Like a painter turns to watercolours or oils, the cluster of talented artisans harness feather sculpting, delicate crystal detailing, and specialist hand-dying techniques to realise their daring visions - translating Vivien Sheriff signature designs into poignant statement pieces. 

Their hill-top studio is framed by acres of pea-green fields and troops of velvet pheasants; an inspiring setting which often filters down into the milliner’s undeniably English creations. Melding beauty and innovation, Vivien Sheriff evokes exquisite craftsmanship whilst upholding environmentally sustainable and ethical practices throughout the supply chain. As effortlessly stylish as they are, it takes weeks of unfaltering work to craft each extraordinary handmade piece. 

Vivien Sheriff has attracted an impressive roster of luminary clients, including royalty and welcomes private clients from both near and far to the Wiltshire showroom. The more recent introduction of virtual styling appointments is an increasingly popular bespoke offering. In a continuous effort to enhance accessibility, the brand has expanded its online presence and successfully ships all manner of hats across continents to the delight of style enthusiasts from across the globe. 

Whether crafting a statement headpiece for Royal Ascot, a show-stopping Kentucky Derby hat or a dazzling red-carpet halo-crown, each piece embodies modern elegance, serving as a radiant expression of individuality and unique personal style. Vivien Sheriff works of wonder are designed to inspire and leave lasting impressions. Like the blossoming Spring, these mesmerising creations burst into bloom, leaving behind intoxicating scents, long after Summer has faded. 

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