Meet the Maker | Sophie Elborne, Creative Director, Kitesgrove

As part of our Meet the Maker series, we meet Sophie Elborne, the Creative Director at Kitesgrove, the interior design and development management studio based in the heart of Chelsea, London.

Tell us what you do.

With the help of a multi-talented team at Kitesgrove, I craft spaces people want to spend time in. My interiors aim to capture the spirit of our client and the essence of the space which is the result of much time spent getting to the core of how the client lives and respecting the history, light and proportions of the building. Furniture conceptualising happens concurrently to designing of the interior architectural elements so that when we arrive at that stage, a cohesive vision has already started to burgeon. Mixing contrasting design styles and eras creates a sense of a collection that has evolved over time and ensures spaces will improve with age as they are added to and edited in sync with the inhabitant’s lifestyle. I focus on using natural materials and adaptable colour schemes to further guarantee a lasting, versatile aesthetic.

What do you love most about your job?

It’s a privilege and ever-so enriching pleasure to work with and learn from specialist craftspeople and artists on bespoke commissions. Working on unique designs is creatively fulfilling and enables us to provide an even more bespoke outcome for our clients. Most designs begin on paper with several iterations sketched prior to being digitalised. There is something truly rewarding about seeing some marks on a page turn into a 3D object, reflecting on the journey undertaken to get there and the many skilled hands and imaginations required to achieve the result. I feel a similar level of satisfaction on completing an entire project but since real homes are created over time, it can feel as though the end of our work is really only the beginning for the client. That’s why we pride ourselves on maintaining excellent client relationships so we get to see how the spaces evolve years later.

Sophie Elborne will be discussing The Importance of Hand Drawing in Design with Christopher Cox, co-Founder of Cox London and Gabby Deeming, Decoration Editor for House & Garden on Monday 17th September from 5pm at Cox London, 194 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 8UP.