21 Days of Christmas | Charles Farris: Decorating with Scent

Tim Duggan-Rees, Retail Director at luxury candle maker Charles Farris, shares his thoughts on finding the perfect gift for even the most tricky of recipients, and why scent is such an iconic part of the festive season.

“One of the most difficult challenges is finding gifts when you don’t know what to get someone. Perhaps it’s a relative you don’t see very often, or even a spouse who is notoriously noncommittal when you ask what’s on their Christmas list.

“Either way, one of the biggest challenges you may face this year is feeling confident that you got the right thing. The right perfume. The right champagne. And, of course, the right scented candle.

“Scent is perhaps one of the most iconic parts of the winter holidays. When I think back to my own Christmas holidays, I tend not to recall what presents I received, but rather the aromas that filled my home. Christmas trees and spices. Citrus and cinnamon. Pies and savoury-sweet turkey. Those scents, more than anything else, are the universal Christmas experience.

“When I was deciding what fragrance to design for the winter holidays, the scent of Christmas trees was a natural choice. I wanted to capture what I felt was the essence of Christmas – a fragrance that everyone would fondly recognise. Indeed, the tree is perhaps the most defining part of Christmas, a warm and exciting memory that just about everyone shares, no matter your personal traditions.

“Ultimately, Pinetum was the fragrance created. It is the quintessential Christmas fragrance: a mixture of pine needles, sandalwood, and cinnamon, with just a touch of chilly eucalyptus. Pinetum is distinctively wintry in nature: it’s cool and refreshing, yet it still evokes memories of opening presents beside a warm, crackling fire.

“It’s the perfect candle to gift or to burn on Christmas day. It’s the candle I feel is the safest to give away, precisely because it captures that shared experience – anyone receiving it will be reminded of the comforting fragrance of their own Christmas trees.”