21 Days of Christmas | Garrard’s festive style guide

Garrard’s Creative Director sets the scene for style choices this holiday season.

As evenings draw in and the year nears its close, the British social calendar turns from the outdoor events of the summer to interiors aglow with light and conversation. This is the season of celebrations, parties and more intimate gatherings, where style can be expressed in a myriad of ways, as Creative Director Sara Prentice explains.

“The party season naturally lends itself to the sparkle of diamonds and the glimmer of gold,” she says. “I see it also as a chance to add brilliance, movement and colour to an outfit, and use jewellery to reflect where you are, who you’re with, and how you’re feeling.”

As invitations arrive, Sara looks at how Garrard jewels can be combined to elevate your wardrobe, heighten your style and place you perfectly in the moment.

A dramatic exchange

This holiday season is all about anticipation and for Sara this is the perfect excuse to emphasise the drama of an outfit. “On entering a crowded room or in the midst of a party, a pop of colour can catch people’s attention and an intriguing design can hold it,” she says.

“At this time of year, rubies really come into their own. I’d choose the earrings from Fanfare where calibré-set stones attract a flicker of light to the face, their fan motif then offering more than a suggestion of mystery.” Pair these with the round and pear-shape rubies of a Regal Cascade necklace to complement the darker tones of evening wear.

Create an impression

Another stone that feels destined to be worn this season is the emerald. “With its vivid greens this is a wonderful choice for daytime events, as well as evening occasions,” says Sara. “I would make a statement of it, choosing high jewellery pieces that bring out the colour and character of each remarkable stone.” A large emerald ring from the Jewelled Vault perhaps, paired with drop earrings. “Match these with textures of velvet or silk and the overall impression is rich and sumptuous,” she adds, “exactly the effect I’m after to offset the muted shades of a British winter.”

Versatility is key

For Sara, the secret to designing timeless pieces for today lies in an understanding of modern women’s lives. “I know many women will be going from the office to celebrations with colleagues, clients or friends,” she says. “For days like these, I’d choose from among our smaller, iconic designs like the sapphire and diamond cluster earrings and ring from 1735.”

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, these jewels can bring a touch of brilliance to a day of meetings and a sparkle to an evening of festivities.

Intriguingly subtle

Some occasions call for more subtle choices. This is where the delicacy of design can come to the fore. “In Wings Embrace we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of a much-loved collection,” says Sara. “Here the curve of a wing and the outline of its feathers are captured in elegant filigree. I would pair the ring which flutters above the finger with the double feather pendant or tassel necklace, which gently move with you.”

In its shape and movement, Wings Embrace speaks of peace, purity and protection: qualities that feel especially relevant to the holiday season. The polished aquamarine beads of its tassel necklace offer a subtle, alternative to ruby, emerald or sapphire, enfolded within the furl of a feather.

“Our jewellery is about creating more choices for women to express their own distinctive style,” says Sara. “There are so many ways to dress up and make the most of this season. For every look there’ll be a Garrard jewel that heightens its effect.”