Aiveen Daly launches ‘Mar Four ’- a collection of large textile murals inspired by the power of the sea and Irish mythology

London based designer, Aiveen Daly has launched ‘Mar Four’ a new capsule collection of textile murals – Sea Foam, Oyster, Lotus and Papyrus – honouring the strength and magic of the sea.

In Irish mythology it was believed that one could access the ‘otherworld’ via water and many people believed one could derive magic, inspiration and healing from it.

Each mural in the collection takes between twelve and sixteen weeks to complete in her White City London studio and is highly detailed harnessing the complex fabric manipulation techniques for which she has become known. Available to commission in custom sizes from £10,000.

Having started focusing on high end upholstery, large and dramatic textile murals are increasingly being commissioned at Studio Aiveen Daly:

“It is a trend that has spread from superyachts and luxury hotels to private residences. Clients want textural statement pieces that fit into modern schemes and add a layer of interest, while saying something personal about the owner.

“Recently, we have had requests for large-scale silk hand embroidery with contemporary natural motifs. They are used much in the way that tapestry was long ago and clients can incorporate personal elements into the brief – favourite objects, family mementos, that resonate on a personal level and result in an intimate unique commission that they often want to pass on to their children.”

Specialising in textile artistry using the finest materials, Aiveen Daly has over the past two years adapted techniques, pushing boundaries in material processes marrying the latest technology with ancient hand craft techniques.

The studio experiments at one end with the CNC cutting technology producing incredibly precise shapes, digital printing and laser etching whilst at the other end of the scale embraces historic techniques such as hand embroidery, passementerie and weaving. The aesthetic has matured and is uniquely chic and understated.