Alexandra Llewellyn launches new Pheasant Geometric Poker Set

Alexandra Llewellyn, known for creating original and beautifully handcrafted backgammon sets, luxury games and bespoke furniture, is pleased to present her latest design, the Pheasant Geometric Poker Set, on sale now exclusively at Harrods.

The Pheasant Geometric Poker Set is a timeless objet d’art taking luxury gaming to the next level with exquisite design, materials, craft and precision as seen in all of Alexandra’s stunning design and creations. This bespoke box has been hand-crafted in the UK with over 1,000 pieces of smoked eucalyptus and Macassar ebony and brings to life the true art of marquetry. The interior is made of a 4,000-year-old bog oak and is inlaid with delicate pheasant feathers and can also be used as a humidor or other games box.

The poker box includes over 500 traditional beautifully crafted clay poker chips created in partnership with one of the oldest poker chip makers in the United States. The chips are housed on leather-handled trays on two levels and the lower level is home to two secret compartments.

The dealer button features leopard agate, engraved and inlaid in brass, and the blind buttons are engraved mother-of-pearl discs. Included with the set are playing cards by KEM, makers of the world’s finest playing cards.

The Pheasant Geometric Poker Set measures 35cm x 35cm x 16cm and costs £12,500 inc. VAT and is on sale now exclusively at Harrods, London.