Brand Snapshot | Burberry opens in Dubai Mall

Burberry have announced the opening of their new Dubai Mall store. The store’s design was inspired by Joseph Paxton’s architecturally adventurous Great Exhibition which took place in 1851, celebrating culture and industry. Burberry’s in-house architecture teams worked over the course of many months to encapsulate the classic British feel while also maintaining the Dubai surroundings.

Britishness permeates the new store. The floor was inspired by the Queen’s House in Greenwich, London and the marble used throughout the space was sourced from British quarries. The culture and experience of Britain is everywhere but still respecting Dubai’s rich environment. The team worked with British landscape gardener, Peter Beardsley to create a vibrant terrace are that can withstand the heat of the desert and offers clients one of the best views in Dubai.

Spread throughout several rooms the new store has many subtle details that allows the space to feel both luxurious and cosy. The introduction of bespoke furniture and hand-upholstered armchairs creates a seamless transition from the magnificent feel of grand British houses to a space where apparel and accessories sit together on polished brass rails and marble cantilevered shelves. The façade on the ground floor is over 30 metres long and instantly greets you with the Burberry ambience. Furthermore, the precise 45-degree texture of the panels links directly with the way the Burberry pattern-cutters craft gabardine into Trench Coats. This new store is a perfect blend of new and old, built to accommodate their 162-year-old heritage and the latest Burberry releases.

Burberry as a brand has always been about the experience they give their customers. They believe luxury fashion customers deserve and should have the same luxury experience of Burberry no matter when, where, or how they interact with Burberry and their new store reflects this perfectly. This new store aligns itself with their new strategy which was outlined in November 2017. Burberry want to inspire people through their products and have the vision to establish their position firmly in luxury fashion.