Brand Snapshot | Cookson Adventures’ Yacht Expeditions

Experiential travel company Cookson Adventures has hired leading experts in the yachting industry to cater to a growing demand for yacht-based expeditions. As the world’s leading ultra-luxury experiential travel company, Cookson Adventures already boasts an impressive track  record in this arena. The hire of a yachting consultant to head the discipline builds on the company’s international aspirations. 

Neal Bateman (pictured above), who has worked extensively with yacht owners and shipyards, joins Cookson as Head of Yacht Projects, bringing immense knowledge of the sector to the growing business. What’s more, Ofer Ketter, one of the world’s few deep-sea submersible pilots, will assist in the design of submersible itineraries for Cookson’s guests. He has piloted various vessels to different depths in some of the world’s most unexplored waters. As exploration becomes more and more integral to the travel experience, Bateman and Ketter’s new roles will be to oversee incredibly imaginative adventures that allow guests to use yachts as a platform for next level exploration.

Cookson, which handcrafts the world’s most personal travel experiences for some of the world’s most successful individuals, has already delivered incredible trips deep in our oceans, for example, a multi-yacht conservation project in the Galápagos Islands. The company organised for their guest to rehome 250 juvenile giant tortoises, flying them via helicopter to a volcano that’s usually closed to the public. It was one of the biggest conservation projects the islands had ever seen.

They have also crafted and delivered what are arguably the most complex private Antarctic expeditions of modern times. A trip in the 2018/19 season had three vessels working together for a single group of guests, utilising two helicopters, a submersible and a vastly skilled team of experts. It involved detailed planning and comprehensive logistics to seamlessly bring together an adventure that none had done before.

If that weren’t enough, Cookson was the first to employ a private submersible in Antarctica, all the while adhering to Antarctic guidelines. The company is an active of member IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), ensuring the preservation of the continent.

Etienne Garcia, who has worked as a captain and an ice pilot across the Polar Regions for 15 years, commented, “Delivering yacht expeditions in Antarctica requires complex logistics and a high level of expertise. On the ground, the Cookson team is scrupulous in its approach and runs smooth operations in some of the planet’s most challenging waters. I look forward to working with the new yacht expedition team on the exciting adventures to follow.”

Meanwhile, Cookson has committed to a policy across its yachting experiences that is designed to protect our oceans. A partnership with the Clear Ocean Pact sees the company driving a message of responsible use of plastic onboard vessels, for example avoiding any use of plastic bottled drinking water.



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