Brand Snapshot | de Le Cuona opens new Pimlico Road Store

de Le Cuona’s store at 44 Pimlico Road marks 25 years of this international luxury brand with its famous artisan fabrics and lifestyle collections. The process of selecting luxury fabrics in a finely-tailored environment has been elevated into something new.

The store captures the spirit of Bernie de Le Cuona, her passion for textiles and travel, culture and contrast. It’s a sensorial space where the textures of linen, wool, silk, velvet and cashmere have a material backdrop of ironwork, terrazzo and resin, with the common thread of enduring craftsmanship and natural sustainability.  Throughout are nature-inspired furniture pieces by designers Charles Haupt and John Vogel, both based in Cape Town and reflect Bernie’s South African origins.

The ground floor is about experiencing the beauty of textiles created from the finest fibres sourced from around the world.  Exceptionally soft alpaca from Peru, the best linen from Belgium and France, and the highest quality wool from Australia.  The central table houses deep sample drawers. Niches of generous drapes are individually lit. The Colour Lab shows the breadth of the collections.

On the lower floor fabrics are brought to life with the bespoke service and accessories such as alpaca bedding, embroidered bedsheets, cashmere throws embellished with suede and embossed leather cushions. There are limited edition cushions by textile artists and decorative pieces sourced from across the world.

44 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8LP

+ 44 (0) 20 7730 0944

Instagram: @delecuona