Brand Snapshot | The Flipside at Selfridges

The Flipside is a multi-sensory exhibition held by Selfridges in the London store’s old hotel on Orchard Street. The exhibition provides a thought-provoking journey into luxury as some of the most forward-thinking brands and creative minds intersect with radical ideas.

The Flipside will showcase altered states of luxury as imagined by Google, Loewe, Mr Lyan, Thom Browne, Gareth Pugh, Louis Vuitton and Byredo.

Selfridges has designed The Flipside space to be the alter-ego to its Accessories Hall. The Flipside draws inspiration from the Accessories Hall with circular elements featured throughout, referencing the half-moon shaped Fount Bar and the distinctive orb lighting. In
other ways, the design shows stark contrast to the Accessories Hall, using high gloss black flooring, featuring mirrors widely and dim lighting. With time being widely acknowledged as the ultimate luxury, sundials and clever shadows will feature throughout, inviting customers to lose all concept of time.

The experience will start from the moment the customer sees the entrance: a large circular, strategically lit, revolving door inspired by a flipping coin.

From arrival, customers will be directed through a corridor and up a grand staircase to the first floor of the hotel where the experience continues. To distort time, conflicting shadows will be used throughout the journey. On entering the main space, customers will be guided across raised flooring to each of the seven brands experiences.