Brand Snapshot | Highland Chocolatier Ruby Velvet Truffle

Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett, the Highland Chocolatier, announces a world first with the unveiling of a Ruby Velvet Truffle.

Recently launched after a decade of development, ruby chocolate is being hailed as the “fourth type of chocolate”. So named for its natural pink colour and fruity flavour, it has so far only had limited release in select countries—making it all the more tantalising for consumers, chefs and chocolatiers alike.

Comprised of a highly unique combination of flavour compounds, naturally present in the beans, ruby chocolate brings a new spectrum of possibilities to Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett’s gourmet chocolate kitchen. Not much has been revealed about how ruby chocolate has been developed, only that there are precursors in some cacao beans that, handled carefully, produce a fruity pink chocolate.

Iain Burnett has twice been awarded the World Gold at the International Chocolate Awards for his unique Velvet Truffles, in addition to over 40 other awards.

As a truffle specialist, Iain supplies Michelin Star chefs with world class petits fours, Master Distillers with chocolate pairings, and some of Britain’s most luxurious hotels with stunning bespoke chocolates for their guests and clients.

Excited by the arrival of ruby chocolate samples in his kitchen and eager to experiment with new tastes and pairings, the Master Chocolatier explained “Ruby chocolate acts somewhere between white and milk chocolate, with a creamy yet tangy berry note. For a chocolatier, the unique flavour notes are fun to work with and open a world of possibilities.”

Inspired by a recipe he created for the Queen’s birthday using Her Majesty’s own blackcurrants, Iain Burnett realised the ruby chocolate would be a perfect match, “The natural creaminess yet acidic fruitiness of the ruby is beautifully accentuated with the tang of crushed blackcurrants for a powerful experience – and a vibrant burst of violet colour!”
“I think it will be awhile until the full potential of the ruby bean is reached. In the meantime, we have just begun to have fun with this, starting with The Ruby Velvet Truffle.” To try the World’s First Ruby Velvet Truffle, visit Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier in Perthshire or order online from anywhere in the world at