Introducing The Jo Malone London Gent

Jo Malone is thrilled to announce the first Jo Malone London Gent: London born movie star, John Boyega. In typical Jo Malone London style, the partnership with Boyega, a young, astute and forward-thinking actor will explore the unexpected and subvert the traditional view of fragrance, luxury and the classic British gentleman.

“A born and bred Londoner, John is intelligent, inclusive and witty. He shares our core values of generosity and creativity and is unafraid to speak his mind. His vivacity and whole-heartedness make him a wonderful fit with Jo Malone London and I am delighted to welcome him to the family.” Jean-Guillaume Trottier, Global President, Jo Malone London.

Growing up in Peckham, Boyega brings a vibrancy, a Londoner’s sense of heritage and a nod towards the future. “I love the creativity and storytelling element of Jo Malone London. It’s something I resonate with, it’s how I work best. With discussion, collaboration and down to earth honesty,” he says.

His vigour and versatility mirror Jo Malone scents, which always accentuate the surprising and the bold. Whilst known for being a huge presence and personality, Boyega himself values understatement and originality in scent. “Jo Malone London always delivers unexpected and unique ingredient choices and scents: refined but surprising. My life is the same, a subtle contradiction: my job, my profession, and then I still come home to this town, drive around with the radio on, catch a vibe, go to the supermarket. In some ways, everything’s changed, but then again nothing has.”

Boyega’s resume demonstrates his extraordinary skill, from the blockbuster Star Wars franchise to independent breakthrough films like Detroit and Attack the Block, set on a Brixton estate in South London, he brings his own unique approach and vibrant personal stamp to his roles as he will to the Jo Malone London family.

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