Brand Snapshot | Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon Collaboration

Pairing wine expertise and refined design, the 1 Collection is the result of a truly collaborative cross-disciplinary partnership between the celebrated product designer Richard Brendon and world-renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson MW.

At the heart of the 1 Collection is the 1 Wine Glass, which has been specifically designed to offer the best tasting experience for every wine, whatever its style or strength, including Champagne, port, sherry and beyond.

The stemmed glass is joined by a stemless Water Glass and two decanters, all of them mouth-blown by master craftspeople in Europe using beautifully bright lead-free glass.

As well as being functionally perfect, the 1 Collection has been meticulously designed to look and feel refined, elegant and timeless. The curves from the wine glass run throughout the collection to ensure all of the pieces fit perfectly together, while the ultra-fine, but remarkably strong, mouth blown crystal puts the wine lover in intimate contact with the wine, enhancing the tasting experience every time.

Perfect for everyday use, the carefully designed shape of the ultra-fine tulip-shaped bowl of the stemmed Wine Glass allows the wine to breathe and captures its array of aromas, enhancing the experience of every sip. The bottle-shaped Old Wine Decanter allows for decanting off the sediment while limiting the wine’s surface area, minimising potential oxidation of the wine. It is also sold without the stopper to make an attractive water carafe. The generous Young Wine Decanter has plenty of space for a young wine to be swirled and aerated, accelerating the maturing process and allowing the flavours of a younger vintage to develop and mellow in the decanter. The bowl is also large enough to accommodate a magnum. To complete the collection, the accompanying Water Glass reflects the weight, balance and curves that run throughout the collection.

The full collection will launch in the UK exclusively at Harrods in their Cookshop department on 1st July 2018. The department strives to be at the forefront of technology, innovation, design and style, offering exclusive to market brands to their discerning customers. Harrods is proud to promote and support British brands, and the latest collaboration by Richard Brendon and Jancis Robinson is a great example of an innovative concept, exceptional design and refined style, all combined to create one outstanding product.

In Canada and Australia the collection will be available exclusively from Hopson Grace and Neil Bradford respectively from 2 July 2018.

Customers worldwide can also shop the collection at