Brand Snapshot | New vegan ice-cream and sorbet at Fortnum & Mason

The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly has launched new vegan ice cream and sorbet dishes.

New to The Parlour – Fortnum & Mason’s award-winning ice cream destination within the flagship store – is a decadent array of vegan ice cream and sorbet creations, launching just in time for Summer. Eleven new, handmade flavours are available in scoops, in towering sundaes or in float form. Indulge in dishes straight from the menu, or have fun by building your own creation.

Flavours include Coconut and Chocolate, Chocolate and Cashew, Avocado and Lime, Sweet Potato and Turmeric, Banana and classic Vanilla.

Sorbets span delicious Peach, Cucumber and Mint, Beetroot Apple and Ginger, Lemon and Raspberry and Lime.

The Parlour’s floats menu has been added to with the Avocado, Lime and Mint Float which dollops fruity sorbet into classic lemonade.

New sundaes – inspired by Fortnum’s signature Knickerbocker Glory which the grocer brought to the sugar-starved UK in the 50’s – include:

Superfood – avocado and lime ice cream, sweet potato and turmeric ice cream, beetroot apple and ginger sorbet, topped with blueberries, stem ginger, chia seeds, oat cookie, coconut cream and goji berries.
Peach Melba – peach and raspberry sorbet, topped with fresh raspberries and peach, and flaked almonds.
Banana Split – bananas sandwich chocolate and cashew nut ice cream, banana ice cream, raspberry sorbet and coconut cream. Topped with raspberries, chocolate and caramel sauces and nuts.
Choconut – chocolate and coconut ice cream, cashew nut ice cream, coconut shavings, chunks of millionaire shortbread, coconut cream, chocolate ganache bites and dollops of chocolate and caramel sauce.

Scoops can be enjoyed in The Parlour or, if you want to bask in the sunshine, are available to takeaway. Prices start at £6.50 for two scoops.

The Parlour is open seven days a week on the first floor of Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly.