Brand Snapshot | The Savoy announces new Photographer in Residence partnership for 2018

The Savoy and The Collective You will embark on an exciting partnership for 2018 with Dennis Gocer and his team taking up residency at The Savoy throughout the year. The first ‘Photographer in Residence’ residency will take place from 12 February until 23 February 2018.

The Collective You will be offering an unique photography experience for guests at The Savoy. The opportunity sees Gocer and his team set up a portable studio within the hotel, for private portrait sessions or high profile events, in order to take stunning black and white portrait photographs. At events such as galas, weddings, parties and corporate functions, portraits can be instantly edited and printed out to display around the venue and for the guests to take away as a special memory of the occasion. The result of this experience is a beautiful portrait photograph, and a chance for everyone to have a golden moment in the spotlight – one that’s just for them.

Dennis Gocer says “When people step in front of your camera and allow you to capture a milestone in their lives, that’s an act of trust, and a real privilege.”

Canadian portrait photographer Dennis Gocer created The Collective You following his 30th birthday party, at which he set up a mini studio and spent the evening taking photos of his guests to display as they partied. As the evening went on, a gallery of images of all the people Dennis loved began to take shape on the walls, and his guests were inspired and excited by the stunning photography, which captured their best selves. Word got around and people started asking Dennis to be part of their events.

“It’s like a zero-to-10 level of access” says Gocer. “There are people who step in front of a camera, say at the passport office, and it’s very transactional. Let’s call that a zero. And then there are people who will allow you to capture a milestone in their lives—maybe their eyes are filled with tears, maybe their eyes are filled with joy—and if they trust you enough to take a picture of that, then that’s a 10. So my responsibility, and what I take so seriously, is comforting and nurturing people who have been generous enough to line up to have their portrait taken by me, and to allow them to share whatever they would like to share in the safety of the relationship.”

The Collective You portrait experience is available to book for 2018 and starts from £450 for a private portrait session and £1,800 for event photography.