Brand Snapshot | Tom Howley

Every Tom Howley kitchen is designed and built specifically for each client, tailored to individual lifestyles and personal tastes. Whether a city apartment or a country home, the result is always a unique, bespoke kitchen that is not only functional, but truly beautiful.

All of the cabinetry is handcrafted by experts in Glossop, which ensures the seamless creation of kitchens time and time again. The craftsmen, skilled in their trade, have all had meticulous training in traditional handmade techniques such as Mortise & Tenon and Dovetail joints and possess in depth knowledge of the materials they are working with. This, alongside the cutting edge technology used, ensures that Tom Howley can produce bespoke products with millimetre-precision.

For 2018 Tom Howley have launched the Kavanagh collection. This contemporary update on the classic shaker style kitchen is perfect for both urban and country homes. Meticulously planned and created with simplicity in mind, Tom Howley’s dedicated team of designers have an unparalleled understanding of their discerning clients’ needs.

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