Brand Snapshot | Victor’s personal flying experiences

Following Victor’s recent introduction of Alto™, the first global frequent-flier points programme for private jet charter, the leading private jet charter marketplace has launched a new marketing campaign, designed to change what it means to fly private and further differentiate Victor in its industry space.

Created by PI&C NY/Milano and shot in Southern Italy, the campaign tells the stories of people not simply living their lives to get from A to B but embarking upon a personal journey to see, feel, learn and experience in ways that go well beyond the flight itself. It’s all paid off with the tagline ‘Personal Flying Experiences’.

In one of a number of films, all directed by PI&C Founder and Chief Creative Officer Domenico Vitale, a cellist visits an 11th Century Calabrian castle and is inspired by the dramatic setting to play for an audience of one – herself. In another, a scuba diver ends up alone on a beautiful beach with a majestic cave waiting to be explored. Both are perfect, personal, magical moments that those Victor members will remember forever.

The films will be used by Victor within a variety of upcoming digital marketing and social media campaigns. Creative artwork from the same shoot will drive new print advertisements in key upmarket media titles around the world.

“This immersive campaign highlights Victor’s unique offering in contrast to the sea of sameness that the wider private aviation sector represents,” says Dan Northover, CMO at Victor. “PI&C’s talents, combined with those of their production company CY&N, by PI&C, have ensured a harmony of creative strategy and production quality. Their fantastic execution reflects a brand climbing ever higher for its customers. Victor’s progressive mix of technology and customer care is ensuring a new, world-class standard of personal flying experience.”

“Victor isn’t just transforming the way people fly, it’s tapping into the reasons why. We wanted to create a campaign that celebrates those who turn a journey into a passion,” says Doug Raboy, Chief Creative Officer at PI&C.

The new campaign will run specifically in the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America. It is the first phase of an ongoing film and content series that aims to promote Victor’s endless route combinations between some 40,000 airports globally – every single on-demand route creating its own special flying experiences.

Watch Victor’s brand film below, or find out more here.