Brand Snapshot | Win a trip to Brazil with Conker Spirit

The ultimate coffee-lover’s adventure through Brazil – off the tourist track.

Conker Spirit, Walpole Brand of Tomorrow 2019, and creators of the UK’s first Cold Brew Coffee liqueur are excited to announce their extraordinary competition, which gives Coffee lovers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join them on their trip to the sustainable coffee farms in Brazil that produce the Grade 1 coffee used in their Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.

Running until midnight on 31st March, the competition will see one lucky winner and a friend join Conker Founder, Rupert Holloway and his team and Beanpress Coffee Co. Founder, Ben Roberts, on a 4-day adventure in Brazil to the FAF coffee farms in Mococa – one of the country’s most socially, environmentally and economically sustainable farms.

Competition winners will discover the astonishing lengths the coffee farmers go to produce the Grade 1, natural processed coffees used in Conker’s Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur; from the meticulous hand-harvesting to the drying racks where the coffee cherries are hand-turning in the sun, sorted and graded.

The winners will also get to experience the professional practice of coffee cupping, working with Rupert and his team to choose the coffee that will be used in Conker’s Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.

Rupert Holloway, Founder of Conker Spirit, says;
“Because we couldn’t rely on the usual flavourings typical of coffee liqueurs, we needed to use some of the best coffees in the world. FAF coffee farms produce beautifully bright and vibrant coffees and are absolutely dedicated to sustainable coffee production – looking after the environment and their local communities’’.

‘’I’m so excited to see this for ourselves and to bring a couple of fans of our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur along for the ride’’.

Entering the competition is as simple as signing up for the opportunity on Conker Spirit’s website:

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 31st March. The winner being randomly selected from the entries.

Key Dates:
25th May 2019 – Flying out from Heathrow Airport
26th – 29th May 2019 – 4 days in Brazil
30th May 2019 – Returning flight to Heathrow Airport