Celebrate the 4th of July with the iconic Knickerbocker Glory – first sold by Fortnum’s in 1955

The Knickerbocker Glory was first introduced to Fortnum’s when The Fountain opened in May 1955 (now 45 Jermyn St.) and quickly became synonymous with that restaurant.

The Knickerbocker Glory was the ultimate sweet dessert to celebrate the end of sugar rationing, at last, after WW2 and so Fortnum’s were the first to introduce it to the UK from America. People flocked to Fortnum’s to indulge in the decadent sweet pudding as a celebration of the end of the sugar rationing and today as it’s still so popular it remains on the menus across Fortnum’s restaurants and at 45 Jermyn St.

Visit The Parlour at Fortnum’s to try the iconic Knickerbocker Glory.