de Le Cuona, a pioneer of sustainable luxury in interior textiles

While sustainability is big news and even glamorous in fashion, the interior textile industry is dragging its feet. Bernie de Le Cuona’s luxury brand is founded in quality and handwork and she is now taking her business firmly in the direction of sustainability.

“After 25 years, de Le Cuona is now in a unique position,” says Bernie. “The world now revolves around sustainable sources and preserving nature. This is something we have always been conscious of and improving upon since I started the company.

Most of the interior textile merchants do not own their own mills and so do not know the source of the fibres in their products, or how production processes affect human well-being and our environment. We select specialist mills and with my new fabric collection Wanderlust I made sure I knew where all the fibres came from. I check the mills and meet the farmers. I make sure the fibres are grown safely and are non-toxic to nature.

As a purveyor of a luxury product, I know that it is crucial for consumers to know the provenance of the products – where it comes from, how it is made, how natural it is. We need to tell those stories. We are not 100% there and it will be challenging but this is our commitment. I believe we are trailblazers in the interior textile business on this front.”

The Wanderlust collection launches this Autumn, available in all de Le Cuona showrooms – fabrics are made from linen, silk, alpaca and wool.