Inspirational new spaces for Wedgwood, Waterford and Royal Copenhagen within Harrods

Discover inspirational new spaces for Wedgwood, Waterford and Royal Copenhagen within Harrods Interiors.

Wedgwood, Waterford and Royal Copenhagen are delighted to announce the opening of individually curated concessions within Harrods Interiors located on the third floor. Appealing to a sophisticated and discerning global customer, these dynamic new spaces present an unparalleled opportunity for each company to engage visitors’ imaginations and stimulate their creativity by offering a greater range of products and services alongside an enhanced customer experience. Ed Plumb, Director of Studio Found, has created an inspirational and relaxed lifestyle environment, within 300 square metres, to reflect and enhance these exciting luxury brand experiences.

Visitors will be impressed by the increased range of exciting designs and products available – from core collections through to prestige pieces and exclusive designs. As service and storytelling are at the heart of the Wedgwood concession design concept, a central open shelved curved display area provides an opportunity to display a greater number of Wedgwood products. Hitomi Hosono and Lee Broom’s striking limited-edition pieces and prestige pieces from Edme, Jade Butterfly and Riverton collections are among some of the incredible designs displayed alongside a wide selection of iconic Jasperware. A semi private customer consultation area has also been created featuring Wedgwood’s tea bar allowing customers to enjoy a delicious Wedgwood tea in a relaxing and intimate environment while exploring the different collections.

Elsewhere, a series of tables, plinths and shelves have been carefully placed so that visitors can move easily around the space as they discover Wedgwood’s 260th anniversary collections Wild Strawberry Gold and Gold Columbia as well as the best-selling Wonderlust teaware. As part of the luxury customer experience and elevated customer service, visitors can enjoy using the Express Yourself Table to spark creativity as they develop their own individual collection, mixing and matching different designs to reflect their own individual taste.

Within the Waterford section, visitors can choose from the stunning crystal barware including the best-selling Lismore collections that have been temptingly arranged against a luxurious grey velvet fluted backwall. Nearby a raised oval plinth with a similar fluted edge detail provides a dramatic focal point that draws visitors in to the space as they marvel at Waterford’s stunning chandeliers alongside a selection of exquisite Master Craft pieces that showcase the incredible cutting skills of Waterford’s master craftsmen.

An easy to navigate configuration of brass-edged contemporary tables and a series of large marble plinths of differing heights, judiciously placed, provide an opportunity to showcase Waterford’s outstanding crystal collections. Renowned floral artist, Jeff Leatham’s stunning Infinity and colourful Icon collections jostle for attention with the popular Gin Journeys and Copper Coast collections, amongst others, nearby. While double-height open shelves display a selection of striking vases, bowls and decanters highlighting the skills of the best crystal artisans in the world.

Within the Royal Copenhagen concession, the first time that this historic company has presented its collection within Harrods, Studio Found worked closely with the Danish-based team to create a layout to work within the space. Fine porcelain collections, including Blue Fluted Plain and Flora Danica are displayed alongside prestige pieces such as the Princess and the Pea figurine on tables, plinths and cabinets using a simple yet rich palette of luxury materials comprising rich walnut wood combined with burgundy and deep blue leathers and burnished brass.

“We wanted a create relaxed and inspiring spaces so that we could provide a luxury experience with exceptional service for all our customers. The feedback that we’ve had to date has been amazing. Already, the improved layout and design that Studio Found has created, coupled with our expanded product offering, has resulted in increased interest and visits within these three concessions. We’re looking forward to welcoming new and existing customers to these new spaces,” said Mike Powell, UK & Ireland Retail Sales Director, Fiskars Group.