Media Snapshot | The Times LUXX celebrates its one year anniversary

Bringing wit and humour to luxury lifestyle coverage across both print and digital editions of The Times, LUXX is an informative, aspirational and entertaining look at the good things in life; the things that make all that hard work worthwhile. And this month, the publication celebrates its one-year anniversary.

Epitomised by intelligent luxury, craftsmanship and good design, LUXX is about the best the world has to offer.

The editor of LUXX, Jeremy Langmead, said “A whole year spent exploring the passion, innovation and craftsmanship that seems to be bubbling over in so many industries at the moment has been exhilarating to witness, and an honour to capture for the magazine. We feel lucky at LUXX to have the remit we do. ” Jeremy Langmead, Editor of The Times LUXX

With a unique combination of high-spending power and unrivalled scale, The Times’ audience is the ideal target for leading luxury brands. It reaches more households earning £150,000 than any other newspaper.

Tammy Willson, Sales Director for The Times and The Sunday Times, said: “With LUXX magazine, The Times has created an intelligent and enticing product that understands both the luxury market and its reader. Our products are insight and consumer-led to connect advertisers to these audiences and with the relaunch of LUXX we have created the perfect match for our luxury advertisers.”